Billing Service

Practices that have counted on FlexMedical's EHR and practice management can now expect the same level of service if they are looking to outsource their medical billing.


  • Timely posting of daily visits and submission of insurance claims

  • Consistent monitoring of audit trails to ensure follow-up on rejected claims

  • Streamlined communication with the FlexMedical billing staff via FlexMedical’s internal electronic messaging system means less turn around time resulting in faster collections

  • Increase in office productivity as staff are able to place more focus on patient care

  • Reduction in overhead associated with in-house medical billing

    • Employee(s) salary

    • Employee(s) benefits (insurance, worker’s comp, vacation, bonuses, etc.)

    • Training/certifications

    • Medical software expenses (purchase and continued support)

    • Recruitment expenses

Ready to Know More?

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