Case Study



Client Info:

Customer Since: 2002

Location: Madison, AL

Specialty: Urgent Care

When preparing to open her Family and Urgent Care practice in Madison, Alabama, Dr. Sunita Puri was looking for billing software that was affordable, would accommodate her needs within the practice, and provide timely customer support when needed. During her search, she came across a local company just getting started and decided to schedule a demo of the product. Dr. Puri states, "I was impressed by the product and, as a new business owner, I saw an opportunity to help a fellow new business owner. That was 11 years ago and I have never regretted choosing FlexMedical."


Dr. Puri says when starting a new practice, there is so much to learn and take into consideration, that it is easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated. She recalls that she never had that problem during the implementation or training in regards to FlexMedical. "I did not become overwhelmed during the technical installation because their staff worked with everyone involved ensuring a successful implementation. During training, I recall being in the same room working on other things and listening while my receptionist was being trained. I realized that this was so simple, I could do the billing myself." Dr. Puri takes pride in the fact that, to this day, along with a thriving practice, she still manages all aspects of the billing for her practice and attributes her ability to do so to FlexMedical. "FlexMedical has always been user-friendly, and the improvements made to the billing components of the software over the years have allowed for a more efficient billing process," she says.


Dr. Puri acknowledges that one of the benefits of working with FlexMedical is the support team. "It was my initial desire to go with a local company because I felt that any issues I had would be handled on a more personable level. FlexMedical has never disappointed in this aspect. They care about their customers. The support team has always provided timely responses to my questions and is quick to resolve any issues that I may have. As one of the first five customers, I would highly recommend FlexMedical to any of my colleagues."