Document Management

Document Management

Reclaim space and reduce costs while having access to everything.

There are a number of EHRs available today that allow physicians to electronically document their patient encounters. One of the features that sets FlexMedical apart is how it incorporates all of the paper generated outside of the practice. Instead of relying on a third-party document management solution, why not utilize one that is designed specifically to fully integrate with EHR?

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  • TWAIN Support

    With comprehensive TWAIN support, FlexMedical has access to hundreds of scanners, digital cameras, and other imaging devices. TWAIN features supported include: high-speed scanning, scanner user interface suppression for faster scans, specific area scanning, and much more.

  • Electronic Faxing

    Faxing is still a very popular method of communicating in the healthcare industry. Scanning incoming paper faxes or printing outgoing faxes to send manually wastes valuable time, money, and paper. FlexMedical utilizes the Microsoft Fax service in Windows Server to fully integrate faxing directly into your workflow. And since you don't have to manipulate paper, you can even fax records and documents from hundreds of miles away via remote access.

  • Batch Scanning

    Scanning documents one group at a time can be tedious and time consuming. Document Workshop lets you do all the scanning at one time, then break the pages into each individual document. This divides heavy scanning loads into two distinct tasks: first scan, then process. With advanced features like blank separate page detection and non-destructive page discard, scanning your existing paper charts is about as easy as it can get.

  • Integrated Image Manipulation

    Need to make changes to your scanned documents prior to printing or faxing? With built-in image manipulation, there is no need to print and re-scan documents.

  • Filing Cabinet

    Why stop with just storing patient information? The business side of your practice generates a deluge of bank statements, notices, and other paper that needs to be organized as well. That's why we designed the Filing Cabinet. It is a separate feature made to hold all that "other" paper not directly related to a patient.

Ready to Know More?

FlexMedical is a flexible and robust product with a large assortment of features. To best get a feel for what FlexMedical can specifically do for you, schedule a no-pressure demo today.