Productivity-centric and customizable electronic health record.

Electronically document patient encounters utilizing free text areas, customizable templates, voice recognition, or any combination. Energize your encounters with “quick pick” pre-filled templates and “past picks” to pull past visit information to reduce documentation time. Lab interfaces, health maintenance, and many more features empower you to focus on the patient.

Select Features

  • Documentation Flexibility

    With three methods to choose from, you decide how to best document your encounters. FlexMedical supports free text entry, point-and-click customizable templates, and even voice recognition. Combine any of the methods together to increase your proficiency and documentation level.

  • Template Database

    We have an extensive list of pre-made templates for many specialties. Existing templates can be used as-is, modified to your needs, or created completely from scratch.

  • User Customizable Templates

    You don't have to rely on us to make changes to your templates. We can train you to build and/or modify templates on the fly.

  • Drug Management

    FlexMedical includes a comprehensive drug database, ePrescribing, interaction checking, advanced prescription management, and much more.

  • Growth Charts / Reading Graphs

    Generate all CDC growth charts for children and adolescents with ease using built-in growth charts. FlexMedical further extends the power of dynamic graphing by supporting plotting of any lab result or vital reading against any other. It can even convert between units when the values recorded were in one unit but need to be displayed in another.

  • Data Mining

    Effortlessly generate patient lists based on a multitude of criteria. Want to find all patients with diabetes that were prescribed a certain drug in the past year? No problem.

Ready to Know More?

FlexMedical is a flexible and robust product with a large assortment of features. To best get a feel for what FlexMedical can specifically do for you, schedule a no-pressure demo today.