Upfront Pricing: Select Model

Pricing Models

We have two pricing models for becoming a FlexMedical user: Ownership and Subscription. Select a model below to see the pricing in detail. We also have a pricing calculator to easily get a quick estimate based on your specific needs. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


FlexMedical licenses are purchased upfront with option to install on in-house server or host the data with us. After initial purchase, software support is billed on a recurring monthly basis.

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Basically a "pay-as-you-go" model, we host your data and gives you access via high-speed internet. Minimal upfront costs with all inclusive subscription and support fee billed on a recurring monthly basis.

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Ownership Subscription
Includes EHR and Practice Management Yes Yes
Host FlexMedical data on your server Yes No
Data required to be hosted by FlexMedical No Yes
You own the data Yes Yes
High-speed internet required Yes Yes
Data is available during internet outage Yes No

Ready to Know More?

FlexMedical is a flexible and robust product with a large assortment of features. To best get a feel for what FlexMedical can specifically do for you, schedule a no-pressure demo today.