Comprehensive training to get the most out of your investment.

Training is arguably the most important piece of any implementation. The better the training, the more productive a user will be while using the software. Beware of companies that claim an office can be fully trained in just a few hours. Real hands-on training takes time, and FlexMedical is committed to ensuring that our customers know how to use our software to its full potential.

Effective training is accomplished through a variety of options including online training or on-site training. Training methodologies are adjusted for each customer depending on staff size, implementation challenges, and schedules.

Onsite Training

Training is conducted at your site by one or more of our FlexMedical trainers.

Remote Training

Training is done remotely via a high-speed internet connection. This can cut down on training costs by eliminating travel expenses for your FlexMedical trainer.


  • High speed internet connection

  • Telephone (if bandwidth does not allow audio and video at same time)

  • Webcam (recommended)

  • Projector (not required, but recommended if one is available)

Ready to Know More?

FlexMedical is a flexible and robust product with a large assortment of features. To best get a feel for what FlexMedical can specifically do for you, schedule a no-pressure demo today.