Our Team

A product is only as good as the people that support it. Meet the team at FlexMedical. We are a group of dedicated individuals focused on delivering the best customer service experience possible. We love what we do.


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Ryan McGinty
Ryan McGintyFounder / President / CEO / Software Architect

A computer programmer since childhood, Ryan created the first version of FlexMedical as a summer project while still in high school (see Our Story for the whole story). After attending Auburn University for Computer Engineering for two years, he put his college education on hold and instead invested his college fund into developing and selling FlexMedical full time.

Ryan is not only the founder, president, and CEO, but also continues to be the lead architect of FlexMedical. His ambitious vision of a powerful software product combined with exemplary customer service and support continues to be a key component to FlexMedical’s ongoing success.

For more of Ryan's philosophy, see his open letter or blog posts.


Jo Lee
Jo LeeClient Services Specialist

Jo joined FlexMedical in 2003 as the company's third employee. She holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Before coming to work for FlexMedical, she was actually employed as a medical biller for a family physician who was also a FlexMedical client. Her education, coupled with her in-depth working knowledge of FlexMedical, gives her a unique perspective when working with FlexMedical users who call and need assistance.


Stacy Perry, CPC
Stacy Perry, CPCBilling Specialist

Stacy joined the company in late 2012 as a member of our client services and training team and now works as a billing specialist. She holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, has over 18 years of experience within the healthcare industry, and was CPC certified in 2015. In addition to being a previous user of FlexMedical, her experience within the areas of medical billing, practice management, and healthcare marketing proves beneficial in recognizing and addressing the needs of our clients.

Pam West
Pam WestBilling Specialist

Pam joined FlexMedical's medical billing service in April 2012. Prior to coming on board, Pam worked for a vascular surgery practice that also happened to be a FlexMedical client. Because of that, she was not only already familiar with the FlexMedical software, but with our staff's customer-centric focus as well. Pam's 15 years of medical office experience, her commitment to quality medical billing, and her sunny disposition make her an excellent fit for our team.