Our Story


The backstory of FlexMedical.

FlexMedical began as a summer software project for founder and CEO Ryan McGinty while still in school. A friend was tired of his old, expensive, antiquated medical billing system and wanted a more user-friendly alternative. After a few years of development and refinement of an initial product, McGinty decided to form a company and begin selling FlexMedical full-time using his college fund as initial seed money. In 1997, he started OCERIS, Inc. to rewrite FlexMedical from the ground up with all the knowledge learned over the preceding years. After selling, training, and supporting the first few FlexMedical clients, McGinty decided it was time for some help. In 2002, he hired Matt Price, a friend since high school, to head up the sales side of the emerging organization. Shortly after, the company grew to include support staff and additional developers.


In 2003, OCERIS was selected to join the BizTech technology incubator in Huntsville, AL. The incubator took companies with high potential and provided guidance, mentoring, and resources to accelerate growth. OCERIS successfully graduated from the three-year incubator program in 2006.


Also in 2003, the FlexMedical product offering grew from practice management only to EMR and document management. The feature list grew considerably to automate an entire medical office’s workflow, not just the back office.


McGinty decided early on that the only way to run a truly successful company is to focus on the customer above all else. Throughout the company’s history, the primary method of marketing has been customer satisfaction and word of mouth. By 2010, FlexMedical was in use by hundreds of users daily across multiple states and across multiple medical specialties.


OCERIS continues to be a privately owned company, with both the company and the product development headed by its original founder. Having no outside investment means no outside pressure to compromise the customer service ideals set forth since the very beginning.