Message from the CEO


We're different from our competitors, and it starts at the top.

Ryan McGinty

Ryan McGinty
Founder / CEO

I am fascinated by technology, particularly software, and love to see how it can affect people's lives and businesses in a positive way. When I started working in the healthcare industry, I noticed that there was an abundance of companies charging exorbitant prices for a lackluster software product and even worse support. Most of these companies seemed to prioritize the bottom-line over treating the customer in an acceptable manner. This just didn’t seem right. I reasoned that if I could create a product focused on innovation and usability, then combined that with excellent customer service, I would have no trouble finding customers. And that has been then case. A few years later, we have an established customer base across several states that we built from the ground up with no outside investment and little more than word-of-mouth marketing.


The key to our success has been simple. It's not just because our product is compelling. It's not because we spent large sums of money on marketing. It is because we care about our customers and our customers know that. Am I saying that we always get it right and never drop the ball? No, of course not since we make mistakes like any other company. What makes us different is that we truly care and, we not only admit and correct mistakes we make, but we work to prevent those mistakes from ever affecting another customer. We strive to not just meet a customer's expectations, we strive to exceed them.


FlexMedical, for lack of a better term, is my baby. I developed, sold, installed, and trained the first few clients prior to hiring my first employee. While I’ve always tried to do right by my customers, I remember the first time a doctor told me he was getting a second mortgage on his home to buy my software. The reality of responsibility is never driven home harder than when you hear someone taking a risk for their belief in you. Making sure that doctor never regrets his choice is what drives me. Every employee I hire, I ask them "Imagine you just spent as much as this customer did. What kind of service would you expect?"


As we've grown, we always sided on quality over quantity. We've controlled our growth to not bite off more than we could chew, while continuously improving our products and services all while maintaining a very high level of customer satisfaction. We've never had plans to sell out, nor do we have a need to seek outside investment. This keeps us free from external pressure to cut corners or see our customers as "cash cows". We will continue do what has worked so well for us up to this point: create the best product we can and treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. I know practically every company says this, but I am very proud of the fact that we actually do it.