The Green Marketing Initiative


We want to make a big impact on you, not the environment.

Marketing with Minimal Environmental Effect

We strive to not only excel at developing great products, but also to do our part to minimize our company's impact on the environment. We've noticed over the years that most of our competitors generate stacks of marketing materials that practically no one ever looks at. Not only that, but the information is usually out-of-date because it was produced months in advance. We aren't a giant company with a "marketing material" department that needs something to do. We decided it was time to do something different.



Being "Green" Makes Our Products More Affordable For You

Not only do we prevent waste of resources caused by printing unused marketing materials, we also save the time and expense to prepare and generate those materials. This means we don't waste money on things that do little to generate money. If it costs less to run the business, it means we can pass those savings on to you.