Conquer even the most complex schedules.

Make your office's productivity potential a reality with FlexMedical's Scheduler. It ties in directly with EHR / EMR and billing to give you the most definitive scheduling solution available today. FlexMedical has raised the bar for practice management scheduling proficiency and is second to none.

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  • Flexible, Yet Familiar

    FlexMedical's Scheduler is both powerful and easy-to-use. Infinitely customizable, your office can configure the resources to be scheduled, appointment types, appointment slots, and more. A variety of different views help show a multitude of data in a simple and consistent way.

    Driving the scheduler is much like using a schedule in Microsoft Outlook. There is full support of drag-and-drop, cut/copy/paste, as well as overbooking, color-coded appointment types, and more.

  • PatientTrackTM

    PatientTrack is both a smaller version of the full scheduler and a mechanism to drive workflow in your office. It is always located in the bottom left corner of the main window, giving a quick, but comprehensive overview of your patient flow. Right-click on an entry and an option menu will appear giving you access to perform almost any available action – without ever having to open the main scheduler window.

Ready to Know More?

FlexMedical is a flexible and robust product with a large assortment of features. To best get a feel for what FlexMedical can specifically do for you, schedule a no-pressure demo today.