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FlexMedical strives to reduce impact on environment

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HUNTSVILLE, AL - As a vendor of medical practice management and EHR software, FlexMedical is taking the initiative in order to do its part for our environment.

For many companies, this means closely examining a number of their internal and external processes that directly affect the consumption of resources as well as the "eco-friendliness" of those resources.

With so many resources to consider, Ryan McGinty, founder and CEO of FlexMedical, decided to start with the one thing that FlexMedical, as a product, tries to help medical practices reduce or eliminate - paper.

"It only makes sense that we try to mirror internally what we're trying to help our clients do in terms of productivity" says Ryan. "Reducing and eliminating the amount of paper we use as a company means we are not only helping the environment, but reducing costs as well. Money that we save by using less paper can then be invested in building a customer-dedicated work force, which will aid in our continuing effort to make our software more robust."

To emphasize just how serious he is about the endeavor, he's working with Matt Price, VP of Sales, to move FlexMedical away from paper-based marketing materials.

Matt comments, "I was a little surprised when I first heard the idea. This means no brochures, no folders, and no handouts of any kind. No medical software company that I am aware of has taken this approach. To me, it seems gutsy, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. By doing this, we're stating, 'We believe in helping you be as paperless as you can be, and in doing so that we're working to be that way ourselves.'"

FlexMedical is working in other areas as well to help reduce its environmental footprint. Chad McElligott, a member of FlexMedical's development team, has begun encouraging the staff to recycle as much waste material as possible. Whenever a group of FlexMedical employees decides to meet at a restaurant for lunch, he urges everyone to carpool or even walk if the restaurant is close enough.

"It just seems natural", Chad says. "Going completely paperless is only going to become more and more common. Paper has served us well thus far, but with the technology available today, there are no longer many reasons to use paper for the vast majority of purposes we once used it. I'm proud to be a part of this initiative, and look forward to what the future holds here at FlexMedical."

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