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FlexMedical unveils hosted data model

Monday, April 2, 2012

HUNTSVILLE, AL - FlexMedical is proud to announce that it is now offering a "cloud computing" option when using FlexMedical.

Historically, when medical practices became FlexMedical users, they would keep or "host" the FlexMedical database on a server at their practice. Doing so allowed practices to be in direct control of its data and choose its own level of redundancy and backup solutions.

For a modest monthly fee, FlexMedical users may now opt to have FlexMedical host their FlexMedical database for them. Doing so means that medical practices don't have to worry over the expense of purchasing and maintaining a server and its backups. Practices still have FlexMedical loaded on each individual PC in the office, but are now connecting to their FlexMedical databases via a secure internet connection.

Matt Price, VP of sales, is excited because this new option for hosting client databases also opens the door for a new pricing model for using FlexMedical as well.

"Because FlexMedical can now host practice's databases in a 'cloud environment' for its clients, we are now able to offer FlexMedical on a 'subscription' basis." "What this means is that, instead of purchasing FlexMedical licenses outright, practices can now simply pay a monthly fee that includes access to use FlexMedical remotely as well as unlimited software support during normal support hours." "The only up front expenses involved are a setup fee and client training. The subscription model allows clients to not spend a great deal of capital upfront for a major software purchase and eliminates the need for the upfront purchase of an in-house server and backup solution as well."

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