Case Study

Primary Medical Care

Primary Medical Care

Client Info:

Customer Since: 2002

Location: Hazel Green, AL

Specialty: Family Practice

After practicing as forensic medical expert for many years Dr. Josefino C. Aguilar, having seen the need for family practice physician in Hazel Green, AL decided in the early 1980's to start his brand of primary medical care. He has successfully continue to provide quality medical care to his patient at the Primary Medical Care Clinic for over 30 years.


When asked to reflect on how scheduling and billing was handled when he initially opened, he says, “Back then, we started by using an appointment book to schedule our patients, and like most medical practices at that time, we were completing medical billing claim forms by hand. Patient accounts were kept manually in a written ledger. Keeping up with it all that way was very tedious and time consuming work.”


Dr. Aguilar’s wife Chris, who worked in the practice alongside her husband as the office manager, said that they came to hear of FlexMedical in the mid-90s. “A young man dropped by one day saying he had a medical software program that would allow us to begin using a computer to help us keep up with it all. He showed us how we could use FlexMedical to record and access patient demographics more efficiently, schedule appointments, and bill our claims electronically, instead of having to complete paper claim forms and mail them.


Chris went on to say, “When we moved to FlexMedical, it saved us so much time. When we began to file our claims electronically, it meant that our practice got paid faster as well. We had a better way to create and send statements to our patients and access to reporting that we didn’t have previously.”


Dr. Aguilar agreed with his wife that deciding to use FlexMedical was a good call: “Nothing can replace a dependable support service.”